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Case Resolution Appointments

TEST – New York, New York

Use the below form to book an appointment at the Tax Forum.  Please note that each practitioner may only book one appointment, in order to ensure availability for everyone.

Important information for screen readers If you are visually impaired and/or use screenreading software, and cannot view the captcha image, please do not use the form below, and instead email us at david.c.thompson@irs.gov and provide the following information: (1) the date & time you’d like an appointment for, (2) your first name, (3) your last name, (4) your email address, (5) your phone number, and (6) your attendee ID for your forum registration.


Note that when moving this feature to production, a landing page with more information about the Case Resolution Rooms will be provided; explaining what they are, what to expect, what to bring, etc…

Case Resolution Room - TEST New York


The information entered is transmitted over a non-secure channel. The primary purpose for collecting the information is to receive and prioritize systemic issues and problems submitted by IRS employees or the general public and to assist the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) in providing recommendations or follow-up. Our authorities for collecting the information are 5. U.S.C. 301, 26 U.S.C. 7801, and Sec. 1211 of Pub. L. 104-168, Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR) which established the Taxpayer’s Advocate Office to assist taxpayers in resolving problems with the IRS. The information we collect may be disclosed as authorized by routine uses published in Treasury/IRS 00.003, Taxpayer Advocate Service and Customer Feedback and Survey Records system of records which can be viewed in its entirety at Treasury/IRS 00.003. By providing your information as requested, you are consenting to the use of your information for the purposes stated herein. Providing your information is voluntary. Not providing some or all of the information will not adversely affect you but may affect our ability to contact you regarding your submission.