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How to use the Taxpayer Roadmap

There are few different ways to interact with the map to reveal important tax information
  • Enter your IRS notice number in the search field provided
  • Use the section-view quick links to navigate a topic area
  • Manually click-on different markers (stops) throughout the map
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Taxpayer Roadmap Version Changes

Version 2.1 Changes
Published August 1, 2022
where do the updates keep going!

Version 2.0 Changes
Published April 3, 2022
I tried to get this to have a single line text for each change within the change number, so that they could be listed individually as bullet items (parsed into
  • elements), but I couldn't get the PHP to properly loop through the child array items in a foreach loop. This is my fallback.

  • Version 1.1 Changes
    Published August 1, 2021

    Version 1.0 Changes
    Published January 1, 2021