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Published: May 12, 2020   |   Last Updated: November 18, 2020

Alert: Provide your bank account information by noon (ET) on May 13, for faster delivery of the Economic Impact Payment

This is a special alert for taxpayers who did not request direct deposit on tax returns, can provide bank account information by noon Wednesday, May 13  to get payments faster.

To help protect against potential fraud, the Get My Payment tool does not allow people to change direct deposit bank account information already on file with the IRS.

For more information about using the Get My Payment tool, see Get My Payment Frequently Asked Questions. For more information about Economic Impact Payments, visit IRS’s Economic Impact Payment Information Center.


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) urged people to use the Get My Payment tool by noon Wednesday, May 13, for a chance to get a quicker delivery of their Economic Impact Payment.

In the statement, the IRS advised they will work with the Bureau of Fiscal Services (BFS) to issue paper checks soon and that those checks will begin arriving through late May and into June.

Taxpayers who did not already choose direct deposit on their tax return can still currently use the Get My Payment tool to input bank account information in order to receive their payment by direct deposit, expediting receipt.

Information on IRS.gov is updated frequently, so please continue to visit these pages to learn about any new or updated information or change in action due dates.